Red Goblets

I have been looking for red goblets for a long time now. I can’t find any 😩 (and by any, I mean any that are not crazy expensive. Yeah, I’m looking at you Fitz ans Floyd)

Dave caught wind that I was on the hunt for red goblets and suggested maybe we didn’t actually need any. He said perhaps all the clear glasses we have in varying styles were sufficient. He requested maybe I not purchase any.

This made my unhappy. But since I couldn’t find any anyway it was no biggie.

Then I found some. And the price was not too bad. So I bought them. Even though Dave really didn’t want me too. And they came. I was so excited. Dave was less so, wondering where in the world we were going to store 24 red goblets. I opened them up so excited to see them, and… THEY WERE PLASTIC!

Ugh! They were way too expensive for PLASTIC glasse!

I guess I got what I deserved. No red goblets for me. These are going back and I shall abandon the hunt.

I mean, unless I see some at thrift stores. That does not count, right?

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