Thankful: Day 2

I found this beautiful original painting on Facebook Marketplace. I thought it was so lovey. It is so happy and cheery and fits perfectly in this little space in the master bedroom.

My sister in law is an amazing interior decorator and this is something she taught me: to look for beauty like this in unexpected places like thrift stores and antique stores etc. It is pretty easy to take something like this old painting and spruce it up with a new frame and make it beautiful again. Then your home looks unique. It has things in it no other home has. Things that you love and think are beautiful and bring you joy. Not just a mass produced print from Hobby Lobby (No shame though. I have some of those too!)

The point is, I’m thankful for this painting. It makes me happy. It was an inexpensive find and yet someone worked very hard to create it. I’m thankful they did.

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